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Terminator 2

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

A series of 'educating Lauren'.

Terminator 2…

I work closely with a great bunch of guys in a media production company. I have done for a few years now. They’re older than me, not any wiser - just older - and they love old films. They are always talking about this and that and I have no clue what they’re on about - ‘oh you should watch this’, and ‘this film is shot beautifully, oh have you seen what such and such did in this film…’

No clue.

So fast forward to a few weeks back and they book me for a shoot as part of bigger piece they’re making for one of their manufacturing clients - I’ve worked on this clients photography before so I was expecting the same type of shoot, but the guys were getting a little more animated than usual. They’d been and scouted the location and seemed very excited. I made the mistake of asking about it… I get told - ‘think Terminator 2 its really cool…’

Yeah thanks guys - what’s a Terminator when it’s around? Right - YouTube it is…

Ok so not my cup of tea, but yeah I get it… Well I think I do - I bounce off the guys and they make the right kinda nerdy film geek noises that they do after they feel like they’ve educated me in some sort of old film manner. We arrive at the location, and its big, industrial, dirty and harsh lighting - the kind of place you really don’t expect to be able to do a lot with. Within half an hour, we were starting all work our magic, and the creative juices were starting to flow - one of us suggests grabbing one of the big LED lights off of the van and trying to backlight some of the steam and haze. Boom - yeah that’s the look they wanted - they were definitely happy later that evening as I was sending shots through our WhatsApp group. Then they started talking about Top Gun… oooh I know that one!!


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